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You will always be in a position to offer fantastic looking, flavoursome and profitable vegan options on your menu thanks to our delivery service. Producing quality vegan dishes for your menu can be time consuming and an additional unwanted burden to an already busy kitchen staff.  We can provide your establishment with a range of Vegan dishes ready to go. They are delivered in a variety of quantities depending on your requirements. Easy to serve and no additional hassle for your kitchen or chefs. Standard pricing enables you to choose and monitor your margin and flexible deliveries mean you never need to under or over stock. Optional individually priced add ons can increase customer choice and your profitability.



Smoky Mediterranean with wheatberry, pearl barley, kale, beetroot, olives, thyme dried tomatoes and chia seeds with basil pesto.


Zesty Green with puy lentil, spinach, tahini, edameme bean, sugar snap pea, pumpkin seed and radish with raspberry vinaigrette.


Nepalese spiced with chick pea, quinoa, date, cashew, pink onion, chilli & coriander with creamy coconut dressing.


add ons

Rainbow, wonky veg hummus (Beetroot & horseradish, Carrot, ginger & turmeric, Herby hummus).


Warm falafel.


Lebanese flatbread.


Aubergine Imam (Middle Eastern aubergine dip).


hot dishes

Thai yellow curry with butter beans, baby sweetcorn, bamboo shoots & cauliflower with thai basil.


Sweet potato tagine with chick peas, spinach, dates & coriander.


Country bean stew with roasted butternut squash, thyme & garlic.


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